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Un éventail complet de services pour moderniser et améliorer votre habitat

A complete range of services to modernize and improve your home


Transform your home with our expertise


Worry-free renovations with Habitat Solutions


Whether you are considering small repairs or large scale renovations, our specialized renovation team offers a full range of services to modernize and improve your home. With attention to detail and reasonable deadlines, we're here to meet all your needs with professionalism and efficiency.

Here's a list of some of our common renovation requests:

  • Interior and exterior refurbishment: Creation of functional and aesthetic spaces.

  • Roofing: Repair and maintenance of roofs.

  • Kitchen and bathroom: Design and complete renovation for modern comfort.

  • Hardwood floor installation: Installation of elegant and durable floors.

  • Interior and exterior painting: Refreshing your space with quality paints.

  • Complete basement remodel: Transformation of basements into functional living spaces.

  • Carpentry: Custom work for an impeccable finish.

  • Renovations following water damage: Restoration and repair after disaster.


Hanyman Services

Daily support for your small to large projects


Our handyman team is ready to assist you with a variety of tasks and one-off jobs. Our services are tailored to provide fast and efficient solutions, from minor repairs to more complex installations. Just ask us and Habitat Solutions will find the solution.

List of handyman services:

  • DIY work: Various repairs and adjustments in your home.

  • Furniture assembly: Quick and careful assembly of your furniture.

  • Installation of devices: Installation of smoke detectors, thermostats, bathroom fans, etc.

  • Paint work: Refreshing walls, doors and baseboards.

  • Minor repairs: Fixing handles, installing chandeliers, etc.

  • Home maintenance: Gutter cleaning, window washing, etc.

  • Small plumbing and electrical work: Replacement of faucets, installation of sockets, etc.

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